President of Serbia

Born in 1970, in Belgrade, he graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, in 1994. He joined the Serbian Radical Party in 1993. The same year he was elected an MP to the National Assembly, and the Secretary General of the Serbian Radical Party in 1994. He stayed in that position until 2008. He was appointed the Minister of Information in 1998. He was elected Serbian Progressive Party’s (SPP) Deputy President at the Founding Convention in October 2008.

After 2012 general elections, he was appointed the Minister of Defense and the First Deputy Prime Minister, in charge of fight against crime and corruption. He was elected President of the SPP in 2012. He performed the duty of the Defense Minister from July 2012, until the government reshuffle in September 2013. He has been participating actively in negotiations between Serbian government and Pristina, under the auspices of the European Union. In 2014, he was elected Prime Minister. He held the position until 2017, when he was elected President of the Republic of Serbia.

He is a passionate reader, particularly of literature from the field of historiography and geopolitics, but also Serbian and world literature. He plays chess, likes to watch football and basketball. He is fluent in English and Russian, with basic knowledge of French and he is studying German. He’s married with Tamara Vucic and father of Danilo, Milica and Vukan.