Minister of Defence of the Republic of Estonia

Hanno Pevkur is the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Estonia since 17 April 2023. He became a member of the Estonian Reform Party in 2000 and is currently also a Member of the Board of the Estonian Reform Party. In 2017–2018, he was the Chairman of Reform Party. Pevkur has held several distinguished posts in Estonian governments, the Estonian Parliament, and in local governments. Prior to his appointment as the Estonian Minister of Defence, Pevkur was a member of Riigikogu in 2016–2022, and in 2021–2022 he served as the First Vice-President of the Riigikogu. Pevkur’s first parliamentary term was in 2007–2009. In 2011, he was re-elected. In the parliament Pevkur has been a member of the Legal Affairs Committee, Deputy Chairman and Chairman of Estonian Reform Party faction (2016–2017), Second Vice-President of Riigikogu (2017–2018), and Deputy Chairman of the Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee (2018–2021). Between 2009-2016 he held three successive ministerial posts: in 2014–2016, he was the Minister of the Interior, in 2012–2014, he served as the Minister of Justice, and in 2009–2012, he was the Minister of Social Affairs. In 2000–2007, he was active in the local politics of Tallinn and as an advisor to the Minister of Justice. In 1998, Hanno Pevkur graduated from the Tallinn School of Economics with a degree in law, and in 2002 he graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Tartu. In addition to his political career, Hanno Pevkur has been very active in promoting sports both in Estonia and internationally. He is a member of the Executive Board of the Estonian Olympic Committee and has been the President of the Estonian Volleyball Federation since 2012. In 2015–2020, he was the Vice-President of European Volleyball Confederation, and in 2016–2021 he was a Member of the Board of Administration of International Volleyball Federation. He is married and has a son and a daughter. His hobbies include volleyball, golf, basketball, and football.