WHO Executive Board Member

Prof Jozef Suvada is a medical doctor, and public health worker, and holds a Master of Science. He has a postdoc in pediatrics (SK), pediatric oncology and palliative medicine (US), infectious and tropical diseases (UG), and public health (SW). He is a full professor and visiting professor in Tropic Public Health, Migrants Health Studies, Health Administration, Psychology, and Palliative Care. He is also a member of multiple international scientific, research, and humanitarian organizations (including SIOP, St. JudeĀ“s Hospital, Global Program, and MSF).

He was a founder of the SPAY (Social Pathology Among Youth) platform, and the Health Initiatives Association (an International NGO working in the field of vulnerable and marginalized groups e. g. HIV, cancer, victims, trauma, etc). Currently, he leads National Cancer Research Organization (BIONT), and humanitarian projects in South Sudan, Uganda, and the Middle East, and is a researcher at McMaster University at the WHO Collaborative Center for Evidence, Impact, and Research in Canada. He is faculty of multiple universities and serves as an advisor to the Minister of Health. Currently is serving on WHO Executive Board and is involved in lecturing and research with multiple universities.