Partner, TriMar Strategies

Dr Bussell is a founding partner of TriMar Strategies, empowering governments, NGOs, and businesses with innovative and data-driven solutions that address pressing security challenges across health, economic, information, defense, and environmental domains, fostering resilient and thriving societies globally. Dr Bussell’s career has led to a comprehensive knowledge of the health ecosystem with expertise in building and managing relationships with key stakeholders locally, nationally, and globally. As a health professional committed to public health, Dr Bussell examines the burden of diseases and the need for transformative change to provide improved patient-centric care. Dr Bussell received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Georgetown University in Washington, DC and maintains her US license as a Registered Nurse. She earned two Master’s Degrees at Columbia University in New York City; and, a Doctorate in medical innovation, technology development and the role of public-private partnerships also from Columbia University. Dr Bussell has experience in health policy, communications, and public affairs in addition to experience in the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical marketing and advertising in New York. Dr Bussell has worked at the World Health Organization and The Commonwealth Fund concentrating on women’s health and related socioeconomic issues, and as a public health strategist and senior scientist for the UK’s Health Protection Agency (now Health Security Agency) with an emphasis on infectious disease and pandemic preparedness. At The Economist Group, she led global research on integrated care pathways in bone health and lung cancer policies in Europe. In addition, she launched The Vaccine Ecosystem Initiative in November 2020 aiming to promote a sustainable vaccine ecosystem by examining and reimagining elements critical for vaccine development, deployment, and adoption. Dr Bussell has held professorships in public health at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center, the State University of New York College of Old Westbury, and the University of Surrey.